Minecraft Launcher

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What is Minecraft Launcher?

Minecraft Launcher is the essential part of Minehack project. Technically, it is separate application that helps you to play Minecraft! It utilizes the latest technologies to provide smooth and safe gaming experience.

What is Minecraft Launcher capable of?

The main target of Minecraft Launcher is to run Minecraft, however it can to do much more. Minecraft Launcher maintains a list of live and playable Minecraft servers, allowing you to join and start playing on them with a few mouse clicks! You do not even need a Minecraft client as it will be downloaded automatically! Custom player skins as well as modded clients and servers are supported to provide the highest variety of gameplay and to make your Minecrafting unforgettable!

How secure Minecraft Launcher is?

All client files that are provided by Minecraft Launcher are checked and verified to make sure they are safe for deploy and use. Minecraft Launcher uses powerfull techniques to provide safety and security for you can just play without any distraction.

How does Minecraft Launcher look like? You'd better see for yourself!

Minecraft Launcher